Say hi to Binky! Give Binky my love! Seriously, tell her I LOVE her…’ With a Jenga tucked under my arm, a million messages from friends and family (plus one phone number, the saucepot) I set off to meet the Made In Chelsea cast member to talk – well, fashion. Fast forward 50 minutes and we’d covered curries, castration, JP, spiders and Spencer Matthew’s sex-life – plus some real-life style tips too. ‘I’ve been told that people feel they can relate to me,’ says Binky.

MICs @BinkyFelstead plays Jenga Q&A, with Now’s @GillyFerg

Binky picks questions from the Jenga tower…

Who would you most like to kiss? Brad Pitt is the most delicious man on the planet

What does love feel like? Love is the worst! It’s confusing. It defines you – if it’s going well you’re the happiest person on the planet, and if it’s going badly then you’re the most depressed. Pick your person wisely! And be in control.

Your least favourite word? Toilet! It’s LOO! And I like the word the Serendipity, even if I can’t say it.

Who’s better looking, JP or Mytton?

Pahaha! JP, without question! *whispers* he’s got a better personality too.

How do you feel about [Alex] Mytton now?

We’ll never be really good friends but I have no problem with him. He still gets: ‘You’re the cheater!’ when he goes out, which I thought he deserved for a while but I don’t care anymore. I really like Nicola and wish him love and happiness. It’s damaging for you to hold onto hate

Your biggest fear?

Spiders. I heard there’s a huge influx coming our way? They have huge bodies and probably huge teeth… and they run at you! Gah! I hate them! They

Have you had ‘an experience’ with one!?

At school I heard one drinking out the sink… it work me up at night. Awful.

I like this game by the way, this is a really good interview.

Ah shucks…

What’s your feel good fashion item?

I get bloated – I like my legs but not my hips. I like eating! My collection is comfortable but cool, so you don’t have to worry about eating that extra goose fat potato or three at Christmas.

Last thing you do at night?

It sounds so corny, but I thank the people upstairs. My Mum says it’s very important to thank the angels so I try to do that – unless I’ve had a few drinks – then I’m a bit more *shouts* PFSTFANKS EVYRHYONE!

Who would you most like to see in your collection?

I’m really looking forward to going on Instagram – or walking down the street – and seeing people wearing my stuff. I don’t care which celebs wear it, just think ‘My goid she’s wearing my dress!’ That’ll be epic.

Anyone you don’t want to see in it?

I try not to be negative, um…

Mytton? Oh, no – I’d love to see Mytton in it!

What wouldn’t you let the cameras film?

Me having sex probably! I’ve done tongue action but that’s as far as it would go. Spencer and Louise came close with their steamy shower scene – Spencer told me they did have sex!

Do you reckon Spencer will always be a batchelor?

Yeah, I quite like him as a bachelor. No one likes him with a girlfriend!

My tips for banging a posh boy…?!

[Now’s Gilly: It says bagging, but banging’s better…!]

I can’t read! Haha! I don’t like posh boys, I like a bit of rough, and tumble. I’m not very good at banging them, gah, no I’m good at banging… I mean bagging…

Ahh next question…!

… But if someone wanted to ‘bag’ a Jamie Laing or a Spencer type?

Definitely do not put out on the first night, unless you really want to – though I don’t know why you would! Play them at their own game. Don’t be too keen. And don’t wear next to nothing – I like dresses that are either bit of cleavage or leg – one of the other.

Would you ever do Strictly?

Yes 100%! I’m a glorious dancer! I’ve got the moves [WATCH Binky throw her ‘signature sexy shapes’ at] I’m always on a table, really really classy…

Your most embarrassing moment?

I was walking to a coffee shop, looking at my phone and trying to look cool cos’ there were some fit builders wolf-whistling me. And I walked straight into a pole. It was the most painful and embarrassing moment of my life. I got a big bruise, there was no way of styling it out – I mainly went bright red, and laughed.

A clothes shop you rely on?

InTheStyle, obviously – and they do beauty now too.

What’s your favourite piece from your collection? The dress I’m wearing sold out in the first 24hours, we had ro re-stock and it’s now available in size 8-18. I’m so excited about how popular it’s proving

What keeps you awake at night?

Worrying. I worry about anything. Everything could be going really well, and I still worry.

Favourite filter?

I like Slumber, it gives a good tan. I just pick whichever one makes me look fitter!

What makes you laugh?

JP uploaded a pic of Will from The InBetweeners and him – and they look identical.

Are you hot for Will?

No. He’s not fit.

What would you do if you one hour of ‘me-time’?

Ooh, X-rated question! No seriously though, it’s hanging by the fire at my Mum’s in Sussex with a good roast, I love family time – I’m the youngest so I get all excited and jump on people’s beds.

How would you like to be remembered?

Not taking myself too seriously, and being nice. I love my friends and family, I don’t try too hard.

Your Plan B career?

I’d have been a PA, or a jockey.

Fave food?

Chicken Jalfrezi. Anytime. Maybe not for breakfast.

First thing when you wake up?

Brush my teeth, then let my dog out to go to the loo.