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He’s the most-talked man of the moment after getting secretly married on 17 January 2015, two weeks after confirming his engagement to toyboy Elliott Spencer.

After that, a blissfully happy Stephen Fry hit the headlines again when he slammed God and said some notoriously controversial things about Him.

So when Now met Stephen we got awfully excited and couldn’t wait to grill him on all the latest hottest topics that matter most to us. Like Valentine’s Day…

It’s fair to say we haven’t seen a man this much in love since, well… Tom Cruise jumping up and down on Oprah Winfrey‘s famous sofa in 2005 shouting that he was in love with now ex-wife Katie Holmes. Remember how utterly cringe that was?

Thankfully, Stephen, who will be hosting his 10th BAFTA Film Awards this Sunday, is much more classy than that. Just three weeks after celebrating his nuptials with Elliott in Norfolk, Stephen told Now‘s GossipCam in our exclusive video interview that he’s so loved up he can’t wait to celebrate his ‘most romantic Valentine’s Day ever.’

Stephen will be officially on honeymoon after the BAFTAs, as he had to postpone the rest of his wedding celebrations to host the prestigious event and revealed: ‘I am I’m so happy, funnily enough we’re going to be flying away to our honeymoon destination, which I cannot disclose, so it’s going to be the most romantic Valentine’s Day I’ve ever, ever had.’

And when we asked him what love means to him, he gushed: ‘It’s that most secure feeling of not being one, you’re now two. I can’t quite believe I’m now a unit.’

Last week Stephen and Elliott celebrated with a cake gifted to them by the Cambridge Union which bore a quote from Irish poet Oscar Wilde: ‘Never love anybody who treats you like you’re ordinary.’

At their wedding the couple paid tribute to the poet as they exchanged their vows in the presence of a minature Oscar Wilde doll.

Wow. Talk about the most romantic couple ever. Now pass us the hankies. Sniff!

The EE British Academy Film Awards take place on Sunday 8th February, 9pm on BBC1

Amy Brookbanks