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Ten years after the last series, Love Island – the sexiest show on TV – is back on ITV2 with 12 gorgeous single girls and boys all looking for true lurve.

The ‘islanders’ are living the dream in a mega mansion in sunny Mallorca, Spain, for six weeks with only themselves, the biggest private pool in the Balearics and a free bar for company.

Now’s GossipCam was invited to check out the seriously cool, multi-million pound love pad. And we can confirm everything is definitely bigger and better on Love Island!

Now’s Showbiz Content Editor Amy Brookbanks snooped around the communal bedroom, discovered a box of branded Love Island condoms in the bathroom and even had a go in the (huge) shower – which had no doors. Privacy? Erm, no not on Love Island…

There’s an outdoor kitchen and bar area where the gang can hang out – or flirt – all day and night and there’s even two giant beds if they fancy a lie down, or sneaky afternoon snooze by the pool. Ahem…

We’re not going to spoil it for you, but there’s a heap of top secret surprises in there too!

We even bumped into Love Island’s host, Caroline Flack who was chilling by the pool with a glass of Sangria, and she told us if the islanders have sex then she’ll be there watching! Yikes.

‘Well we’re going to have to watch it as it’s part of the show so I think that’s going to be quite weird. There’s going to be duvets though, I don’t think we’ll be seeing full on close ups!’ said Caroline. ‘I’ll be asking them all about it afterwards, that’s what girls do…”What happened?! How far did you go?!”‘

Crikey… well, with only six bedrooms and 12 contestants, no door on the shower and a box of condoms in the bathroom, we can only imagine the islanders will be getting to know each other very well over the next six weeks!

Joining Caroline for a summer of fun is Rachel Christie, 26, a former athlete and model and ex of David McIntosh, Lauren Richardson, 26, who was THAT girl pictured with Zayn Malik days before he quit One Direction, Zoe Basia Brown, 24, a model, Hannah Elizabeth, 25, a Playboy Bunny and good friend of Joey Essex, Danielle Pyne, 23 who works in a London club, Jessica Hayes, 22, a glamour model, Jordan Ring, 31, Luis Morrison, 20, Jon Clark, 25, from Essex who rates himself a 10/10 with the ladies, Joshua Ritchie, 20, who looks like Joey Essex and Chris Williamson, 27 who’s friends with Geordie Shore’s Vicky Pattison.

Don’t miss it. Seriously. We are TOO excited…

 * Love Island is on ITV2 on Sunday night at 9pm