Way back when in January 2008, Adele was at the beginning of her career and the singer was constantly spotted in a dowdy staple look of black jeans, a frumpy top and samey flat shoes.
Adele started to change up her look in 2011, when we noticed a huge difference in the way she was styling herself, even her hair and make up looked different and her skin was gleaming like she’d had a three month long facial.
Her clothes started to suit her figure, instead of cover it and she swapped tent like tops that swamped her body, for shapes and cuts that pulled her in at the middle. She opted for light lace and sheer sleeves, instead of bulky cover-ups and Adele began to embrace her body and show it off.  The more she started to experiment with new hair dos and make up, the better she looked.  
The first time she stepped out with retro styled hair in August 2011, we knew she’d found the look for her and a huge surge of sixties hairstyles and eyeliner flicks starting cropping up everywhere. Suddenly she was a style icon! And we loved it. Her love affair with retro curls and up-dos still continues today and she is rarely spotted without a volumised do.
As her confidence grew with clothes she began to experiment with prints and textures and we now see a completely different style to the one she first arrived in. Like a showbiz butterfly Adele has blossomed into one of the music industries most favoured Fashionistas and she rarely gets it wrong.
The moral of the story and the secret to her style success?
Loving yourself and your shape and wearing clothes that make you feel good is always better than hiding yourself away. Never shy away in sack like clothing, lets celebrate those curves!!! 
Well done Adele, you look amazing.
 Lydia Thompson