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The Only Way Is Essex is official back tomorrow!

And rather than us sit here and guess what the series could have in store for the cast of the ITVBe show, we thought we’d go one better.

So we spent the afternoon with the legend that is Mr Bobby Norris who went all Mystic Meg and predicted what dramatic moments the next couple of months hold for all his TOWIE mates.

Starting with Jess Wright and Peter Wicks who’ve apparently been hooking up recently, Bobz can see a good few dates on the horizon for this pair, but revealed: ‘I don’t know if we’ll see an actual relationship blossom’

Moving onto the power couple that is Tommy Mallet and Georgia Kousoulou who’ve successfully made it outta Marbs with a promise ring still on their fingers, Bobby ‘wouldn’t be surprised if he got down on one knee this series.’

What about James ‘Arg’ Argent and Lydia Bright you’re probably asking yourself? Bobby is seeing big things for these two! Whether it be an engagement ring or a puppy, since Arg ‘turned a corner’ following his rather public battles with his fluctuating weight and alcohol problems, things seem like they’re only getting brighter.

While discussing the most confusing couple of all, Jake Hall and Chloe Lewis, there doesn’t seem to be as much certainty coming their way. As Bobby looked deep into the darkness of their future, he tells us: ‘There’s a lot of love there, but I don’t know if they’re right for each other.

The new series could also see a couple of spanners being thrown into Danielle Armstrong‘s works, if Bobby is proved right that is. ‘I think James Locke is going to realize how much he really misses her,’ he revealed. ‘I want him to really pull it out the bag and surprise her and say “I want you to be Mrs Locke”’

And finally onto the feistiest of them all… Ferne McCann, whose future seems set to involve stuffing her face and strong feelings over he ex apparently.

‘She’s a foodie, so we’ll probably see her having a pick and a nibble,’ Bobby predicts. ‘She wants Mr Right but does she secretly still love Charlie? I think she does. PS she might have a couple of rows.’

And there you have it, we’re excited.

*The Only Way Is Essex returns to ITVBe on Sunday October 4th at 10pm